Memorial Plans

We wish to honor the entire Cold Spring Police Department for its dedication and sacrifice to our community. The design of this memorial was done in conjunction with the Decker family. When Officer Decker was a little boy, he got separated from his older sister and got lost at the Crossroads Shopping Center in St. Cloud, MN. A police officer found him, consoled him, bought him an ice cream cone and waited with him until his sister and Tom were reunited. This watershed event is what Officer Decker often cited as why he always wanted to become a police officer. It is now only fitting that this memorial dedicated to Officer Decker and all of the brave men and women of Minnesota Law Enforcement depicts a little boy with an ice cream cone being aided by a peace officer.

We Broke Ground!

On May 12th, we had the Handprint Ceremony where family members were able to put their handprints in the cement base before the monuments were placed.